Ultra Sleep Therapy Soft gels | CBD 2700mg | CBN 1200mg | Full Spectrum | 60 Ct

Getting a cozy sleep is a desire we all want, and these soft gels work efficiently to improve sleep quality and promote peace and relaxation. Our full-spectrum CBD and CBN-based ultra sleep therapy soft gels are made with powerful ingredients and rich antioxidants. With ultra therapy formulated, these powerful soft gels are easy to swallow and provide ease in body and mind. 

  • Blended with powerful ingredients 
  • Improves sleep cycle 
  • Relaxes body and mind 
  • Great for soothing purpose 
  • Reduces insomnia  problems 
  • Kosher Certified

Important Note: Do not take more than 1 soft gel in a day. Consult the doctor if any adverse effects occur.