Pet Treats with 150mg CBD

Give your pets a tasty bite of these chew treats which are full of nutrients and adequate proteins. These CBD formulated pet treats have essential ingredients such as rice bran, ginger root, and vitamin- e making these chew bites a healthy treat. These small size treats can help your pets in strengthening their immune system, improve mood, and minimize hair loss problems. Including this in their diet in an adequate amount will improve your pet’s health.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD 
  • 5mg in each bite
  • Improve moods 
  • Relieves in muscle and joint pain
  • Promotes wellness 
  • Great for energy boosting 
  • Organic and vegan friendly

Important Note:For pets under 25 lbs. use 1 chew, 26-50 lbs. use 2 chews, 51-75 lbs. use 3 chews and over 75 lbs. use 4 chews.