CBD Dog Oil Dropper Bacon Flavor 1000MG

Nourishing your dog with nutrients and vitamins will help them in their healthy growth and build overall well-being. This CBD oil ( broad-spectrum) is considered one of the best forms of cannabis, as it doesn't contain THC. Giving this dog oil to your pet will help them fight acute problems like inflammation, weak joints, sore muscles, and hair loss. This beneficial oil is made in such a way that it adds extra value to your pet’s metabolism, which helps them to hop around the corner without gasping too much. 

  • Improve fur and coat quality 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Reduces hair loss problems 
  • Strengthen muscles and joints 
  • Relieves anxiety problems 
  • Bacon Flavored
  • Kosher Certified

Important Note:1000MG 16.6MG per ½ dropper for a beginner’s dose.Consult the Vet if any adverse effects occur.