Hair Care Shampoo + Anagain® with 50mg CBD

Enriched with hair replenishing properties with organic pea sprout extracts, this ultimate hair care shampoo is a great solution for your hair problems such as hair loss and dandruff issues. This hair care product is formulated with anagain, which is aunique water-soluble powder extract from organically grown pea shoots. It helps in strengthening and reduces hair loss problems. Also, CBD aids in restoring the damaged hair with good nutrients and the goodness of deep nourishment.

  • Organic pea sprouts extracts 
  • Cleanses from deep roots
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Formulated with Anagain and CBD 
  • Promotes healthier and fuller hair
  • Free from sulphate
  • Contains other beneficial nutrients 

Important Note: Apply on wet hair and gently massage for a few min and rinse it off.