Hair Care Leave-In Serum + Anagain® with 100mg CBD

This CBD hair care leave-in or serum-based formula with anagain is a premium hair care product that naturally enhances your hair quality. Anagain is aunique water-soluble powder extract from organically grown pea shoots which aids in strengthening the hair from its deep end roots and assists in the growth. It is filled with other essential ingredients such as hemp oil, castor oil, and citric acid, which results in great hair nourishment and also makes your hair fuller and shinier.

  • Organic pea sprouts extracts 
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Restores hair shine 
  • Formulated with Anagain and CBD 
  • Promotes healthier and fuller hair
  • Free from sulphate
  • Container: 8oz / (237ml)

Important Note: Apply on slightly damp hair and gently massage. Leave it as it is, don’t rinse it off.