AM-PM Moisturizing Cream with 100mg CBD

This skin-transforming moisturizing cream is a great lotion to wear for daily purposes or beneath the makeup. This super gentle cream is formulated with premium ingredients like glycerin, collagen, carbomer, and CBD which gives you protection from inflammation, breakouts, and uneven skin. Adding this to your skincare routine will certainly rejuvenate your skin and make it plumper and shinier than before. Use daily for healthier and hydrated skin.

  • Moisturizes from deep roots 
  • Promotes smooth and supple skin
  • Fights inflammation and acnes 
  • Suppresses rough and patchy skin 
  • Mild on your skin
  • Organic and Vegan friendly  
  • 100 mg CBD 

Important Note:Apply a few dots of lotion on your face. Massage gently over the face and let it absorb for a few minutes.